Book your delivery by Brenger via Marktplaats Payment request

Standard Curbside delivery
You choose delivery day within 3-7 days
Insured up to €1000 on the way.

Make a payment proposal via the Marktplaats chat and select Brenger for delivery. Pay for your purchase here, and settle the delivery costs with Brenger.

The delivery costs are calculated based on the advertisement’s postal code and the delivery address. When you enter your delivery address at checkout, the final price will be displayed.

After the product payment on Marktplaats, you as the buyer will be redirected to Brenger. Here, you pay for the delivery costs and provide at least 3 preferred delivery days through the date planner. In most cases, your delivery can take place within 3 days.

The seller selects one of the proposed days, and both of you will receive a confirmation email.

Your transport is assigned to a professional courier. The evening before delivery, you will receive a 4-hour time window during which you can expect the courier.

Follow your transport via the tracking page. We will also keep you updated via email and SMS.

The courier picks up and delivers your Marktplaats purchase to the curbside. You are expected to help the courier upon arrival.

For the buyer:

You help the courier(s) with unloading
You carry the item(s) inside yourself

For the seller:

You have the item(s) ready on the sidewalk
You help the courier(s) with loading

Brenger’s professional couriers utilize moving blankets, tension belts, and other safety measures. They do their utmost to transport your belongings with great care.

Should something unexpected occur, your goods are insured during transit up to €1000.

It is possible to book additional help during the planning of your delivery appointment:

Help with lifting

  • You assist the courier(s) with unloading.
  • With the help of the courier(s), you carry the item(s) to the desired location.

Full service

  • You can relax.
  • The couriers will carry the item(s) to the desired location.

How can I book delivery through Brenger via Marktplaats?

Je betaalt voor het product op Marktplaats via een Betaalverzoek en je betaalt daarna apart voor het verzenden via Brenger met een professionele koerier. Het product kan worden bezorgd binnen 3-7 dagen na planning, inclusief standaard Stoeplevering en Onderweg verzekerd tot 1000 euro. 

Betalen voor het product op Marktplaats en verzenden met Brenger

  • Sluit een deal met de verkoper en Doe een voorstel in Berichten.
  • Vul het afgesproken bedrag in, zonder verzendkosten.
  • Kies Levering en selecteer Brenger. De geschatte prijs voor bezorging is op basis van de postcode van de advertentie en standaard Stoeplevering. De eindprijs wordt getoond na het selecteren van afleveradres tijdens het afrekenen.
  • Kies vervolgens Verstuur Betaalverzoek.
  • Na de betaling ontvang je in Berichten een betaaloverzicht en een stappenplan om de Bezorging door Brenger te regelen.

Betalen voor Verzenden via Brenger

  • De koper gaat naar Berichten en kiest Naar Brenger om voor bezorging te betalen
  • De koper controleert de afmetingen van de item(s).
  • De koper betaalt standaard Stoeplevering bij Brenger en ontvangt een betaalbevestiging per mail. De koper kan later eventuele extra services zoals Hulp met tillen bijboeken.

De bezorgdag plannen

  • Nadat de Koper heeft betaald voor de bezorging, kunnen beide partijen een bezorgafspraak plannen.
  • De Koper ontvangt een e-mail met het verzoek om de gewenste bezorgdagen door te geven.
  • De Koper selecteert minimaal 3 beschikbare dagen voor bezorging. Hierna ontvangt de Verkoper een e-mail om een ophaaldag te bevestigen.
  • Zowel de Koper als Verkoper ontvangt een afspraakbevestiging van Brenger per mail.
  • Brenger zorgt ervoor dat de item(s) worden opgehaald en gebracht op de overeengekomen dag.
  • De Koper en de Verkoper worden op de hoogte gesteld via e-mail en SMS. De avond voor het transport laat Brenger weten hoe laat de koerier komt.
  • Het transport kan worden gevolgd via de trackingpagina. Kies Naar Brenger in de Berichten om naar de trackingpagina te gaan.


First, you have to pay for the product on Marktplaats via a Payment Request and then you can pay separately for shipping via Brenger with a professional courier. The product can be delivered within 3-7 days after scheduling, including standard Curbside Delivery and Insured on the way up to 1000 euros.

Paying for the product on Marktplaats and shipping with Brenger

  • Close a deal with the seller and Make a proposal in Messages.
  • Enter the agreed amount, excluding shipping costs.
  • Choose Delivery and select Brenger. The estimated price for delivery is based on the postcode of the advertisement and standard Curb-side Delivery. The final price is shown after selecting the delivery address during checkout.
  • Then choose Send Payment Request.
  • After payment, you receive a payment summary and a step-by-step plan to arrange Delivery through Brenger in Messages.

Paying for Delivery via Brenger

  • The buyer goes to Messages and chooses To Brenger to pay for delivery.
  • The buyer checks the dimensions of the item(s).
  • The buyer pays for standard Curbside Delivery at Brenger and receives a payment confirmation by email. The buyer can later book any additional services such as Lifting Assistance.

Planning the delivery day

  • After the Buyer has paid for the delivery, both parties can schedule a delivery appointment.
  • The Buyer receives an email requesting to provide the preferred delivery days.
  • The Buyer selects at least 3 available days for delivery. Afterward, the Seller receives an email to confirm a pickup day.
  • Both the Buyer and Seller receive a delivery confirmation from Brenger by email.
  • Brenger ensures that the item(s) are picked up and delivered on the agreed day.
  • The Buyer and Seller are notified by email and SMS. The evening before the transport, Brenger will inform about the courier’s arrival time.
  • The transport can be tracked via the tracking page. Choose ‘To Brenger’ in Messages to go to the tracking page.



What does delivery via Brenger cost?

The costs for delivery via Brenger are determined by several factors, including the distance, the dimensions of the product you wish to send, and any additional services you choose. When you send a Payment Proposal via Marktplaats, you can select Brenger for delivery. This will include the estimated costs for delivery. The estimated price is based on the postcode from the advertisement and standard Curbside Delivery. The final price is displayed after selecting the delivery address during checkout.

Can my purchase be delivered at a specific time and/or date?

When arranging the delivery through Brenger via Marktplaats, the Buyer specifies their preferred delivery days. The Seller then chooses a day for the item to be picked up. We ask both parties to pick the date when they are available between 08:00 and 18:00. The evening before the transport, both the Buyer and Seller receive a 4-hour time slot when the courier will arrive.

What does Curbside delivery mean?

When you choose Brenger to ship your Marktplaats purchase, you book a standard Curbside delivery. The delivery is arranged within 3-7 days.

Standard Curbside delivery entails:

  • The seller prepares the items on the curb and helps the courier(s) with loading.
  • The buyer helps the courier(s) with unloading.
  • The buyer carries the items inside.

Can the courier come with an extra person or a tailgate?

A courier via Brenger comes standard in a van equipped with moving blankets and straps. Depending on the item to be transported, a tail lift is automatically booked in some cases. After booking a standard Curbside Delivery, the Buyer can book additional services. The price of the service depends on the floor. Extra service is only offered at the delivery location. At the pickup location, the customer must prepare the items on the curb for the courier. The availability of an extra service depends on the product to be transported.

Option 1: Lifting Assistance

The Seller prepares the items on the curb and helps the courier(s) with loading. The Buyer helps the courier(s) with unloading. The items are carried to the desired location with the help of the courier(s).

Option 2: Full Service

The Seller prepares the items on the curb. At the delivery location, the courier(s) carry the items to the desired place.

What time will the courier arrive?

The evening before the transport, both the Buyer and the Seller receive an email with a 4-hour time slot during which the courier will arrive. The status of the transport can be tracked via the tracking page. You can find the tracking page in the confirmation email from Brenger or by clicking on ‘To Brenger’ in your messages on Marketplace. Both the Buyer and the Seller also receive status updates about the delivery via email and SMS. On the day of transport, it is possible to get in touch with the courier directly. The contact details of the courier are available on the tracking page two hours before the time slot.

Are my items insured during transport?

All items sent via Sending with Brenger through the Marketplace Payment Request are insured against damage and theft from door to door up to €1000 during transport. Damage that occurs when the courier lifts or assists in lifting the items within the house or building at the pickup or delivery address is not covered by this insurance. In case of damage, we ask you to immediately contact Brenger by phone and send photos of the damaged items, a description of the damage, and proof of repair costs and/or purchase value to Brenger reimburses the repair costs as outlined in the quote from a professional restorer, up to the purchase value of the product, up to €1000.

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