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The easiest and most affordable way to transport furniture and other bulky items
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Free cancellation up to 48 hours in advance
Insured for up to €500 per transport
Partnered with IKEA, BVA and others
Pick-up and delivery whenever you want

Easier and more affordable

Your options for moving a sofa from Amsterdam to Rotterdam

Renting a van yourself
  • Expensive rental and fuel costs
  • Takes time and effort
  • Lifting heavy stuff is a hassle
€ 120,-
Traditional delivery company
  • High costs
  • Takes time to arrange
  • Limited availability
€ 59,-
  • Cost-effective and reliable
  • You decide what works best for you
  • Your transport arranged in 3 minutes

Arrange your transport within minutes

Step 1
Fill in the transport details, choose a pick-up and delivery slot, see the price, enter the details and pay
Step 2
We'll let you know which professional courier is coming and when
Step 3
The courier will pick up and deliver your items. Easy!

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Our couriers have been reviewed more than 100,000 times!

About driver Basel

This courier was so understanding and patient. Communication with him was clear and quick. He waited the few tens of minute until somebody collected my stuff. Definitely recommend!

About driver Giovanni

Giovanni was on time and very helpful and quick. Our moving process went smoothly thanks to him!

About driver Zehdy

Amazing! The courier was caring huge and fragile artwork for exhibition. He carried it so carefully! And precisely in time he indicated, minute to minute. So professional service! So responsive! Thank you.

About driver Marcel

Marcel is a professional and friendly driver. He did a great service! I am very happy that he transported my table!

About driver Sid

Great service. And economical. Will take service again
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Your transport arranged in no time

Save time and get your items picked up and delivered by the best couriers. Heavy stuff? Choose extra services such as carrying help

Our couriers go everywhere

Our platform connects your transport request to the ideal professional courier who is already taking that route. All couriers are qualified and insured

Courier, customer and the environment win

Our goal is to fill every van on the road as much as possible and therefore enable couriers to earn more while making transports sustainable. It’s a win-win-win!

Brenger couriers

Only approved, professional, Companies House registered couriers can be Brenger drivers. We verify each driver in four steps:

Step 1
A courier registers with their registered company information and drivers license. After accepting our conditions, a contract is contact is arranged between them and Brenger to activate their account.
Step 2
Brenger verifies the courier identification and checks that the courier has enough experience and the right kit to become active.
Step 3
The courier has 3 trial transports: if the reviews are positive enough (4 or 5 stars only), then they become fully activated.
Step 4
Couriers with good reviews can keep executing transports for Brenger!

Reduce your CO2-emissions with Brenger!

Using Brenger to transport from Gouda to Groningen (220 kilometres), will save 48.4 kg of CO2-emissions! That equals the CO2-emissions of 26.8 hamburgers 🍔 or 89,9 showers 🚿.

In total, we have already saved 2.075 tons of CO2.

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