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Have your chairs picked up and delivered

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Free cancellation up to 60 hours in advance
Insured for up to €500 per transport
Partner of Marktplaats and Troostwijk
Pick-up and delivery whenever you want

Brenger makes it easier to transport your items

Step 1
Fill in details, choose a pick-up and delivery time slot, see the price, enter the details and pay.
Step 2
We will contact you to let you know which professional courier will be coming.
Step 3
It’s over to the courier!

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Deliveries made easy

Arrange your delivery using a courier who is already taking that route. Easy, green and affordable.

Choose a time slot that suits you

You choose a time, we’ll arrange the rest.

Outstanding service

Our couriers are rated 4.5 stars on average.

Have your chairs transported

The chair you bought does not fit in your car. On top of that, it needs to be picked up on the other side of the country. Hiring a van seems a bit too much. It’s expensive and it takes up a lot of your time. Fortunately, Brenger has a solution. We connect you to a courier with space left in his van, who is driving the route that your chair would be taking anyways. Check the price for your transport within 3 minutes, and before you know it, your new chair will be standing in your kitchen, living room or bed room.

This way, you’ll get the most advantageous transport for your chair, all environmentally friendly and you’ll also help the courier earn more for his ride!

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Reduce your CO-2 emissions by using Brenger!

We match your transport to a courier who was going to drive that route anyway. By not driving up and down yourself and using a Brenger courier, you’re, on average, saving 48.4 kg CO2💨 on a transport of 220 km. That’s equal to the emissions of 26,8 hamburgers 🍔 or showering 89,8 times 🚿.

In total, we have saved over 3.187 tonnes of CO2!

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