From Marktplaats to your living room: Brenger delivers

Discover how to get your purchase delivered to your home in 4 simple steps

Arrange the pick-up

To book a transport, it’s useful to coordinate several things with the seller in advance. You need the following information from the seller to be able to book your transport:

  • The complete pick-up address.
  • Phone number and email address.
  • On which floor the product is located and whether the seller is willing to help the courier with lifting.
  • The available pick-up date& time.
  • The dimensions of the object.

Book your transport

  • Enter the pick-up and delivery address here.
  • Enter the dimensions of the product.
  • Select any additional services, such as extra lifting assistance.
  • Pay for the transport via iDeal, credit card or other payment methods.
    You can also choose to pay the seller for the product via Brenger. You can read more about product payment via Brenger here.
  • After you have paid, you will receive an email confirmation from Brenger.

We will keep you informed

  • After payment, Brenger connects your transport to a professional courier.
  • The evening before the day of transport, you will receive the exact time slot and contact details of the courier. This way, you can keep each other informed.
  • Do you have questions about the booking? Check our FAQ page.

The day of your transport

  • The courier picks up the items and delivers them within the agreed time slot. Do you have questions about the delivery? Check our FAQ page.
  • You can follow the courier with the help of live tracking function to stay informed of the progress of the transport.
  • If the courier is late due to, for example, traffic, he will do his best to keep you informed.
  • Once the items have been delivered, you can confirm the delivery, and the courier will be paid. Finally, you can leave a review about the courier and the service.

Book your transport

Frequently asked questions

Can I arrange the payment for the Marktplaats purchase via Brenger?

If you’re buying items on second-hand platforms and want extra security, we recommend choosing secure product payment through Brenger. This way, you pay for the transport and the product at once. Once the courier has picked up and delivered the product, the seller receives the payment for the product in their bank account. This service is free of charge. Here’s how it works:

Go to and enter the pickup and delivery addresses. Select the option “From a house” and indicate it’s a Marktplaats transaction. Describe your product and choose to use Brenger for product payment as well. Enter the agreed-upon amount with the seller and their contact information. Double-check all the information to avoid cancellation fees and coordinate with the seller beforehand.

Read more about how the secure payment works for sellers/buyers here. 

Why should I do transports through Brenger?

Brenger has an all-in-one solution for you as a courier to plan your day, find new transport jobs and earn extra. With Brenger, you can easily combine your own jobs with Brenger transports. Add your own jobs in the Brenger courier app and get personalised suggestions for nearby jobs that fit your schedule. This way, you never drive with an empty van and earn extra on the route you would drive anyway!

When will I receive my payment?

All transports you successfully delivered in a particular week will be paid out on Friday the following week to the specified bank account number.

How soon can I get started with Brenger?

After you sign up, we’ll contact you within a few business days for an online onboarding. After onboarding, you can immediately start claiming transports that fit your daily route.

What will I transport?

Most Brenger transports involve sofas, tables, bicycles, electronics, white goods and other large items. However, you can also transport auction lots and products from our clients, such as small furniture businesses and large retailers via Brenger. In the Brenger app, you can see how large the items for each transport are. This way you know in advance what you will be transporting from A to B!

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Using Brenger to transport from Gouda to Groningen (220 kilometres), will save 48.4 kg of CO2-emissions! That equals the CO2-emissions of 26.8 hamburgers 🍔 or 89,9 showers 🚿.

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