Marktplaats and Brenger: how does it work?

Step 1. Arrange the pick-up with the seller

Don’t forget to ask the seller about the following:

  • Pick-up situation: at the front door on the ground floor or on an upper floor?
  • Availability for pick-up: day and time
  • Dimensions and weight of the object
  • Contact details: address, telephone number and e-mail

Step 2. Place your transport request

  • Go to the homepage and fill in the place names.
    Enter the pick-up and delivery locations on the homepage and you can view the total price right away.
  • Enter the remaining details, such as the dimensions of your item and whether you’ll need help to lift and move the item.
  • Pay for the delivery using our platform. You can do this via iDeal, credit card and other (Belgian) payment methods. You can also choose secure purchase payment via Brenger. With this method, you pay directly for the transport and the purchased product. We pay the seller as soon as the product is picked up by the courier.

How does secure purchase payment work?

Buyer situation

  1. Enter the agreed price. Check carefully if the purchase amount is correct, otherwise the seller can cancel it and you will pay cancellation fees.
  2. Fill in the seller’s details for payment: the name, phone number and e-mail address.
  3. Pay the transport and the price of the purchase what you and the seller/buyer agreed upon. The seller will receive a confirmation email with the details and the agreed price for verification. The seller then still needs to validate his or her details at Online Payment Platform.
  4. When the courier has marked the delivery as confirmed and the seller has verified his/her identity at Online Payment Platform, the payment is released. This is transferred to the account number provided by the seller within 2 business days.

Seller situation

  1. Agree the price for the product with the buyer.

  2. Provide your details to the buyer for payment (name, phone number, email) and your address details for collection of the purchase.

  3. Once the buyer has paid for the purchase via the Brenger platform, you will receive a confirmation email containing an invitation from Online Payment Platform to verify your identity. Note: The request to authenticate your payment always comes from Brenger via email (; requests via other channels such as WhatsApp may indicate phishing. Be wary of this!

  4. Once the courier has confirmed collection and you have authenticated your identity on Online Payment Platform, the payment will be released. You will then receive it in your account within 2 working days.

    Are you in doubt about the buyer? Learn more about what to attention to.

Step 3. We will let you know the exact time slot

  • Once you have paid, our professional couriers for this route will be able to accept your order.
  • You will then be informed of the exact time slot and the details of the courier, so that you can contact each other.

Step 4. The courier comes into action

  • The courier will pick up and deliver your item(s) at the agreed time.
  • Follow the courier via live tracking.
  • Confirm receipt once it has been delivered and the courier is paid.
  • Rate the courier and his service.

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