Frequently asked questions

Can it be picked up or delivered within a specific time slot?

Of course! When you book your transport, you can always select the date, and then you can choose a flexible time slot from 9 am to 6 pm, or a specific time slot for a small additional cost.

How do I know when the driver will come?

Time Slot

If you book a transport one day or more in advance, you will receive an email at 8:00 PM on the evening before the transport with the name of the courier and the time slot in which they will arrive. If you book a transport on the same day, you will receive an email as soon as a courier responds.

Track & Trace

In your confirmation email, you will find a button ‘View status’, which will take you to the tracking page. Here, you can follow the courier and check the status of your transport.

You can also contact the courier or add additional instructions/guidelines from the Track & Trace page. You will have access to the courier’s phone number two hours before the start of the designated time slot. If you wish to contact the courier earlier than two hours in advance, you can send him/her a message through the same page.

Are my things insured during transport?

All items that are sent via Brenger are insured with our standard door-to-door package, against theft and damage, up to €500. Damage that occurs when the driver is carrying or helping with lifting of objects within the home or building (at either the pick-up or destination) are not covered by this insurance.

Also, any damage to glass, stone (or similar) or foodstuffs, or damage that occurs during transport of other items that are not within our guarantee (larger than 400x180x160cm, or heavier than  200kg, or any items that require special equipment to load or unload) are not insured.

In case of damage, we ask that you make contact with us immediately. Make sure you take photos of the damaged items, make a written description of the damage, and keep any proof of repair costs and/or purchase value. Send these to Brenger will reimburse repair costs, as specified in a quote from a professional restorer, up to the original purchase value of the product.

Can the driver come with a tail lift or pallet-truck?

A Brenger driver usually comes with a regular delivery-truck with dust-sheets and straps. If you need extra equipment to move your items, then you can add these extra services to your booking. It is your responsibility to choose the right services needed for your items. With our ‘Extra services’  package, you can add the following services:

  • Extra person: The driver arrives with a helper - handy if there’s no help available at one of the addresses.
  • Tail lift: The driver comes with a tail lift, which is useful for wheeled items for example.
  • Tail lift and pallet-truck: The driver comes with both a tail lift and a pallet-truck, perfect for heavy pallets.
  • Tail lift and extra help with lifting: The driver comes with a van with a tail lift, and extra lifting help.

Be aware! Brenger doesn’t offer the following services, so you’ll need to arrange something separately for:

  • A moving-lift (for lifting items up to a window)
  • Disassembly
  • Packing material

Are the items guaranteed to be delivered if I place a transport request?

All transport requests within the Netherlands (except the islands) are guaranteed to be delivered within 7 working days of the day of transport originally booked .

The guarantee doesn’t apply:

  • If the job is larger than our maximum dimensions (400x180x160cm)
  • If it has a volume greater than 5m3
  • If the total weight is greater than 200kg
  • If the item is made of stone, glass, reproduction stone or cement (or similar)
  • If the item is a foodstuff
  • If it’s a piano or trailer
  • If it contains living organisms (animals, plants, etc.)

As these exceptions don’t work with our service concept, we can’t guarantee that a driver will be happy to carry them. However it’s often still possible to find a driver who can. We suggest you go ahead and place a transport request anyway, because you’ll probably still be able to arrange a transport that works for you. The only situation where you definitely cannot arrange a transport is for items over 200kg in weight. For items this heavy, it just isn’t possible for our drivers to transport them, so in that situation, you cannot place a transport request.