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Are you a freelance courier, and do you have your own van? Or do you have a courier company with several vehicles? Fill your unused space and earn extra via the Brenger courier app. Check out the driver jobs here.

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Brenger offers you an all-in-one solution to make your job as a courier easier and more profitable. Find convenient rides, receive suggestions for transport jobs nearby and manage your personalised daily route. The Brenger courier app puts all stops in the best order, so you don’t have to worry about planning. Sign up and start driving immediately after the activation.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I do transports through Brenger?

Brenger has an all-in-one solution for you as a courier to plan your day, find new transport jobs and earn extra. With Brenger, you can easily combine your own jobs with Brenger transports. Add your own jobs in the Brenger courier app and get personalised suggestions for nearby jobs that fit your schedule. This way, you never drive with an empty van and earn extra on the route you would drive anyway!

When will I receive my payment?

All transports you successfully delivered in a particular week will be paid out on Friday the following week to the specified bank account number.

How soon can I get started with Brenger?

After you sign up, we’ll contact you within a few business days for an online onboarding. After onboarding, you can immediately start claiming transports that fit your daily route.

What will I transport?

Most Brenger transports involve sofas, tables, bicycles, electronics, white goods and other large items. However, you can also transport auction lots and products from our clients, such as small furniture businesses and large retailers via Brenger. In the Brenger app, you can see how large the items for each transport are. This way you know in advance what you will be transporting from A to B!

How much do I earn with Brenger?

How much you earn per Brenger transport depends on several variables: the size of the items, the distance and whether a floor service is booked. You can immediately see the reward is for each transport in the Brenger courier app.

What are the requirements to drive for Brenger?

Brenger is suitable for freelance drivers or small courier companies. To use Brenger, you need to have experience as a courier, have your own van and be registered at the Chamber of Commerce as a freelance courier. Of course, you need to have a driving licence, and you need to have a moving blanket and straps in your van to ensure safe and damage-free transport. Would you like access to more assignments and drive for our business customers? Then it is even more important to dress professionally. Good work shoes and decent work clothes are then mandatory.

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