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Get paid within 5 working days
Over 500 official registered couriers
Official partner of IKEA, BVA and Troostwijk
Over 400 new transports throughout the Netherlands and Flanders

Are you a professional courier and do you often drive around with space left in your van?

If you are a Companies House registered courier business, you can use Brenger to find extra transport jobs that are already on your route: 65% of the people who use Brenger, say they would have rented a van and done it themselves if Brenger wasn’t an option. To get acces to these transport jobs, you just need to register as a verified courier. Then you can select which kinds of transport jobs you want to do. This way the customer is happy, you’re happy, and we’re making the world a little bit greener too.

How does payment work?

As soon as you have successfully completed a transport, we activate your payment (which will arrive directly in your bank account within 5 working days).

How do I find a transport job?

  • If you’re registered on our platform, you can log in. Next, click on ‘assignments’ in the upper right corner and search for a transport in the list of transports on your route. If you’re interested in a transport job, you can claim a paid transport job or register an interest in an unpaid transport.
  • You tell us the routes you often take, and we’ll let you know when a job on your route comes up. You don’t have to search for jobs on your route by yourself. We make it easy. You can easily manage your favourite route under ‘my favorite routes’

I've claimed a transport job - now what?

You can claim and plan most transports immediately. A lot of customers pay their transportin advance when they book. This makes it easier for brengers to accept transports that they can do in a given time frame. When claiming your transports, you can claim a transport in a time frame of 4 hours or less. As soon as you claim a transport job, you receive an email with all the details you need, including times, Pick-up and Delivery locations, and contact details.

You will also find transport jobs that haven’t been paid for yet. You can indicate if you want to do these jobs. Next, you choose the date and time you can pick up the items. Once you have come to an agreement with the customer about these details, the customer will complete the payment. You’ll get all the information and details you need to pick up and deliver the items. Then you just need complete the transport job, just like any other.

Earn extra on your regular routes

Fill up your van with extra transport jobs already on your route.

Many jobs available

Select your favourite routes or filter by location to receive transports near you. Choose from hundreds of transports a day throughout the Netherlands and Flanders

Get paid within 5 working days

After you have successfully delivered the transport, your reimbursement will be on your account within 5 working days

How to become a courier for Brenger

Step 1
Are you a professional courier? Apply using the button below
Step 2
Your profile will be verified after a phone call
Step 3
Claim a transport and execute it!