Terms and conditions for users of Shipping with Brenger via Marktplaats

For Marktplaats users who book the transport directly through the Marktplaats website or the Marktplaats mobile app, the standard General Terms and Conditions for Clients and the Transport Agreement apply, with the following exceptions:

  1. The transport is insured against damage and theft up to €1000.
  2. The service that is standardly booked is Curbside delivery. With Curbside delivery, the Seller and the Client/Buyer agree to the following pickup and delivery situations:

Pickup Situation
The Seller prepares the items on the sidewalk and assists the courier with loading.

Delivery Situation
The Client/Buyer assists the courier with unloading and carries the items inside themselves.

3. If the Seller and/or Client/Buyer is not able to meet the conditions of Curbside delivery, additional services (lifting help) can be booked by the Client/Buyer through the website or by contacting Brenger Support via the chat.