Notice and takedown procedure Brenger

Users themselves can upload content and information on this website, For example, they can put an order request online or post a response to an order request. This notice and take down (NTD) procedure tells you how to submit an NTD request to us in order to remove specific content from the website.

The information that users place on our website is neither edited or checked by us. However, we do apply the rules in our General Terms and Conditions and we encourage users to alert us to violations of those terms and conditions by other users. We would also like to be informed quickly if any information on our website is inappropriate, offensive or unlawful.

Submitting an NTD request
You can inform us about specific content on the website if you consider that the relevant content is:

  • Unlawful; or
  • In conflict with our General Terms and Conditions.

You can submit an NTD request to us by using the report buttons on the website or by sending an e-mail to You can ask us to deal with a notification urgently and we will assess whether this is necessary. For your request, please complete our NTD form or at least provide the following information:

  • Your contact details;
  • The contents and location of the content that you want to have removed (at least the URL);
  • A reason why you believe that the content is unlawful or conflicts with our General Terms and Conditions.

Handling NTD requests
If we receive an NTD request, we will consider whether the content that has been reported is clearly unlawful or in conflict with our General Terms and Conditions. We can take the following measures: If the content is clearly unlawful or conflicts with our General Terms and Conditions, we will immediately delete that content from our website.

If we decide not to delete the content from the website, we will inform you of this and explain our decision. We strive to handle NTD requests as quickly as possible and at the latest within 7 working days, if necessary in consultation with an adviser. If we decide to handle a request as a matter of urgency, we do this within 48 hours, so that further damage can be avoided.