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Brenger makes it easier to transport your items

Step 1
Fill in details, choose a pick-up and delivery time slot, see the price, enter the details and pay.
Step 2
We will contact you to let you know which professional courier will be coming.
Step 3
It’s over to the courier!

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Use a delivery service to transport your belongings

Do you want to transport furniture or other large items? Then Brenger is the right place for you! With our transport service you can find a courier who will take your stuff from A to B without any effort from you. You place your transport request on our platform, choose the time periods in which the courier can pick up and deliver your items and pay for your transport on our platform. Next, you will receive an email stating which courier will deliver your transport and in which time slot your items will be picked up and delivered

This way you have the most economical transport for your goods, the world becomes a little more sustainable and the courier earns more on his trip!

Brenger, the best priced delivery service

If you are looking for transport to get your stuff delivered, Brenger is the most cost-effective choice. Through our platform you can quickly find a courier who can take your stuff on a route he already drives. The drivers connected to Brenger are mostly self-employed couriers who have some spare time in between their other deliveries. So the courier delivers your items while already on a delivery route. That’s why delivery with Brenger is on average 40% cheaper than another transport companies. So you have the cheapest transport and the courier receives a bonus, it’s a win-win-win!

Couriers drive all over the Netherlands

It doesn’t matter from where within the Netherlands and Flanders you want to have something transported: with Brenger you are guaranteed to find a courier for your transport within 3 days. From Gouda to Groningen and from Krommenie to Roermond: everywhere on the Dutch roads there are vans with unused space that are able to take your belongings.

Transport anything and everything with Brenger

A cupboard, a sofa or a bathroom cabinet. But also scooters, musical instruments or garden sets. You name it, it can all be transported using Brenger. Our platform links you to a courier who can take your items on a delivery route he or she would already be driving anyways. You tell us where you want the items transported from, what dimensions they are and when you want them to be picked up. Within a short period of time we will connect you to a driver who will happily transport your items.

Our couriers have been reviewed over 100.000 times!

About driver Adnane

Very kind and help! Highly satisfied :)

About driver Khalil

The driver helped lift our items off the bus despite the stuffy weather. Everything was clean and undamaged upon arrival. I am very satisfied with this service.

About driver Emre

Excellent service and execution. Thanks a lot!

About driver Trippers

Nice guys

About driver Gerrit

Gerrit is a organised and dependable delivery man. The items were properly secured in his truck. He will let you know in good time that he is coming and how long it will take. On arrival he also calls that he is there. Compliments to the deliverer and delivery.
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Deliveries made easy

Arrange your delivery using a courier who is already taking that route. Easy, green and affordable.

Choose a time slot that suits you

You choose a time, we’ll arrange the rest.

Outstanding service

Our couriers are rated 4.5 stars on average.

Reduce your CO-2 emissions by using Brenger!

We match your transport to a courier who was going to drive that route anyway. By not driving up and down yourself and using a Brenger courier, you’re, on average, saving 48.4 kg CO2💨 on a transport of 220 km. That’s equal to the emissions of 26,8 hamburgers 🍔 or showering 89,8 times 🚿.

In total, we have saved over 1.420 tonnes of CO2!

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