Vehicle emissions

Road traffic accounts for over 16% of all CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. Every day, many delivery vehicles are driven empty, or drive around with unused space.

How much could we save in CO2 emissions?

The average trip in a delivery vehicle from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and back results in 28kg of CO2 emissions. When you send an item using Brenger, you are saving these emissions. And in case you are wondering what 28kg in CO2 emissions really means: it’s equivalent to the CO2 emissions of a 3-hour hot shower, 125 slices of ham, travelling 500 kilometres by train, 50 wash cycles in a washing machine or an energy-saving bulb burning for 4,000 hours.

Empty space in delivery vehicles

Using Brenger reduces CO2 emissions by making use of empty space in delivery vans and trucks. Our platform makes it possible for couriers to get the most out of every trip by picking up an extra item for you. This saves CO2 emissions and time, and provides the courier with extra earnings. It’s a win-win-win situation!

Sources: CBS, Milieu Centraal and NTR Academy.