How it works

Laat je spullen vervoeren met Brenger

Step 1: Place your transport request 

  • Enter the pick-up and delivery locations on the homepage and you can view the total price right away.
  • Choose a pick-up time and a delivery time. The cheapest time slot is in 3 working days, but of course you can also choose earlier options
  • Enter the other details, like the dimensions of your item and whether you need an extra person to help lift and move the item 
  • Pay for the delivery using our platform. You can do this via iDeal, credit card and other (Belgian) payment methods.
Laat je spullen vervoeren met Brenger

Step 2: We will let you know the exact time slot

  • Once you have paid, professional couriers who are driving this route will be able to accept your order
  • You will then be informed of the exact time slot and the details of the courier, so that you can contact each other.
Laat je spullen vervoeren met Brenger

Step 3: It's over to the courier

  • The courier will pick up and deliver your item(s) at the agreed times. 
  • All your items are insured up to €1,000 while they are being transported.
  • Confirm receipt as soon as the item has been delivered and the courier will receive payment.