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Are you a professional courier and do you often drive around with space left in your van?

If you are a KvK registered courier business, you can use Brenger to find transportjobs that are on your route: 65% op people that use Brenger would have transported their stuff themselves, for instance with a rental bus if Brenger was not there. To get acces to these transportjobs, you must register as a courier. Next, you choose which transport you would like to do. This way the customer will be happy, you will be happy and the world will be a bit more green.

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How does payment work?

As soon as you have successfully completed a transport, we will transfer a monetary compensation to you within 5 working days.

How do I find a transport job?

  • If you are registered to our platform, you can log in. Next, click on ‘opdrachten’ in the upper right corner and search for a transport in the list of transports on your route. If you are interested in a transport, you can claim a paid transport or indicate that you would like to do a transport for the unpaid transports.
  • You indicate which routes you often take and we will notify you when we have found a transport that is along your route. You do not have to look for transports on this rout by yourself. When you are logged in, you can indicate which route is your favorite under ‘Je favoriete routes’.

I indicate that I want to fulfill a transport, now what?

You can claim and plan most transports immediately. A lot of customers pay their transport directly when placing them. This makes it easier for brengers to accept transports that they can do in a given time frame. When claiming your transports, you can claim a transport in a time frame of 4 hours or less. As soon as you claim a transport, you will directly receive all (contact) information about the pick-up and delivery address in email.

There are also transports that are not paid for yet. With these transports you can indicate that you want to do fulfill the transport. You then indicate when and at what time you can pick up the items. Once you and the customer agree about the time of pick-up and delivery, the customer will pay for the transport. You will receive all (contact) information about the pick-up and delivery address and you will fulfill the transport.

How to become a courier for Brenger

Step 1
Are you a professional courier? Apply using the button below
Step 2
Your profile will be verified after a phone call
Step 3
Claim a transport and execute it!



Very good, friendly and clear communication, also 1 on 1 with the courier. Made use of this service a number of times and highly recommended!
- Alex on Google
Very affordable, consistent with the agreement and carefully picked up and delivered. For me a perfect alternative to hiring a van myself, so much easier!
- Emanuela op Trustpilot
I have used Brenger several times already. So far I have only had positive experiences. Kind couriers that are very helpful.
- Ramona op Google

Deliveries made easy

Arrange your delivery using a courier who is already taking that route. Easy, green and affordable.

Choose a time slot that suits you

You choose a time, we’ll arrange the rest.

Outstanding service

Our couriers are rated 4.5 stars on average.

Courier Adriaan

A frequent user! Adriaan has been a courier for years now. He drives in his bright yellow Opel Vivano from his town Purmerend to all kinds of cities in the Netherlands. In his first week after applying at Brenger, he already did 14 transports. Thanks to his enthousiasm this number has only gotten higher.

Plan wisely, transport as much as possible

Martin and his partner Erik run a distribution company in the north of the Netherlands. They own three vans and several smaller cars in which a total of 20 couriers a week drive throughout the country. In March 2017 they discovered Brenger, which helped them double the amount of transports they did. Each month they did roughly 130 transports for Brenger during or on the way back from their main transports.