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Insurance up to € 500 per transport
Partnered with IKEA, BVA and others
Pick-up and delivery whenever you want

Arranged in 3 minutes

Step 1
Fill in the transport information, choose a pick-up and delivery time slot, see the price, enter the details and pay
Step 2
We will let you know which professional courier is coming in which time frame
Step 3
The courier will pick up and deliver your items!

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Your transport arranged in no time

Your transport will be connected to a courier driving that route anyway. Affordable, easy and sustainable.

Our couriers go everywhere

Throughout the whole of The Netherlands and Flanders

Courier, customer and the environment win

Our goal is to fill every van of every courier on the road, so everyone wins!

The couriers of Brenger

Only professional, KvK registered couriers are driving for Brenger. This is how we verify them:

Step 1
A courier registers with their KvK-information and drivers license. The courier accepts our conditions and a contact is arranged between them and Brenger to activate their account.
Step 2
Brenger verifies the courier identification and checks whether the courier has enough experience as well as the right materials to become active.
Step 3
The courier can then execute 3 transports: are they all positive, then the courier will be activated.
Step 4
Couriers with good reviews can keep executing transports for Brenger!

Want to know more about our couriers?

Meet the couriers

Very good, friendly and clear communication, also 1 on 1 with the courier. Made use of this service a number of times and highly recommended!
- Alex on Google
Very affordable, consistent with the agreement and carefully picked up and delivered. For me a perfect alternative to hiring a van myself, so much easier!
- Emanuela op Trustpilot
I have used Brenger several times already. So far I have only had positive experiences. Kind couriers that are very helpful.
- Ramona op Google