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How Brenger works

Step 1
You need the following information from the Marktplaats seller: pick-up situation (front door or indoors, stairs), possible pick-up moments, sizes en weight, his or her contact details.
Step 2
Fill in details, choose a pick-up and delivery time slot, see the price, enter the details and pay.
Step 3
We will contact you to let you know which professional courier will be coming.
Step 4
The courier will come into action!

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Our couriers have been reviewed over 100.000 times!

About courier Ulgino

Great services provided!

About courier Ingo

Arrived on time, table was in great shape, driver was awesome

About courier Baggio

Everything went great!

About courier Gabriel

Gabriel was helpful and friendly. He knows his stuff! I’d definitely recommend him.

About courier Joël

Both of couriers were so helpful and friendly. Thanks!
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Delivering your Marktplaats-buy

Seen something you like on and still looking for a way to have it transported? Brenger’s got you covered! Our platform connects you to a courier who will transport your furniture from A to B. In the mean time, you can relax. Place your request on our platform, choose a pick-up and delivery time slot, and make your payment to our platform. You then receive an email about which courier will transport your item.
This way you get the cheapest transport for your furniture, less greenhouse gases are emitted, and the courier earns more on his ride.