IKEA and Brenger: how does it work?

If you make a purchase at IKEA, Brenger is an affordable and convenient option for transporting your new furniture and other large items. This page explains the best way to go about this.

Step 1. Choose an IKEA store, view the delivery price, fill in the information and pay

Enter the pick-up and delivery locations on the homepage and you can view the total price right away. Then enter the times at which the items can be picked up and delivered. Fill in all the information in the four steps, indicate that the order needs to be picked up at IKEA, and then pay for the delivery using our platform. For deliveries not covered by our guarantee, you also have the option of waiting for an offer from a courier and then paying later.

Your items will be picked up and delivered in the time slot you have specified.

The price you see is the total price, including VAT and other costs.

Your items are insured up to €500 as standard.

Step 2: We will let you know in which time slot the courier will arrive.

Once you have paid, professional couriers who are driving this route will be able to accept your order. You will then be sent the courier’s contact details.

On average, people find a courier within 2.5 hours. Our couriers have been rated 9.5 on average for their professional service by the users of our service.

The time slot within which the courier will arrive is a maximum of 4 hours.

Both you and the courier will also be sent each other’s contact details after your order has been accepted. That way you can keep in touch.

Step 3. Place your order on IKEA.nl

Place an order for the items you want to purchase. Before you pay, choose the “Order and pick up” option. Choose an IKEA store close to where you live. Order and pay. In Step 2, choose your desired pick-up time. Select the pick-up time indicated by the courier. Don’t forget to let them know that someone else will be collecting the items. Enter the name and surname of the courier.

Step 4. Send the courier your order confirmation

Anyone picking up your order from the store will need to show the order confirmation and his/her own ID in order to collect it. You can send the order confirmation to the courier by e-mail. This will enable the courier to pick up the items at the counter at the relevant IKEA store.