Trust and security

Personal and confidential contact

Brenger is a platform for transporting furniture and other bulky items for individuals and small or medium-sized companies. Brenger makes transporting items easier and more personal. Unlike the postman or postwoman, who may or may not ring the doorbell to see if a recipient is at home, our couriers will always try to make the delivery in person. Once a deal has been made, the courier, the client and the third party (pick-up address or delivery address) will all be sent each other's telephone number. This way, everyone can keep in touch before and during the delivery.


We do everything we can to maximise trust between our users. We verify our couriers by checking that they are registered with the Chamber of Commerce and requiring proof of identity, telephone number and bank account number. In addition, we conduct an intake interview by telephone with each courier before he or she can complete deliveries using our platform.

Every user can also increase the reliability of couriers by rating them after a pick-up or delivery. Because nothing is more valuable than a good review by another user!

Secure payments

Clients pay securely using iDEAL, a credit card, or a Belgian or German payment method. Once we hear that the items have been delivered successfully (or if the recipient does not contact us within 24 hours to tell us), we will pay the courier.


If anything goes wrong, of course we will do everything we can to help. All items sent using Brenger are insured up to €1,000 while they are being transported.

Any damage that occurs while the courier is lifting or moving an item inside the house or building at the pick-up or delivery address is not covered by this insurance. Damage to glass items or food is not covered. In addition, our insurance does not cover damage during transport of items larger than 400x180x160cm or heavier than 100kg, and items that need to be loaded and unloaded using special equipment.

In the event of any damage, we will ask you to send three or more photos of the damaged items and to send photos from before the damage. Please e-mail us at to submit a claim.